Aerial Imaging

Aerial Imaging & Modeling

A top notch technology that is able to save both time and money. North Georgia Engineering prides ourselves on having some of the best technology in the industry. Our drone and computer modeling software are no exceptions.

Digital Elevation Modeling (DEM)

With a digital elevation model we are able to combine the changes in elevation with GPS data sets to determine the likelihood of foundation concerns, run off, or just to measure an exact size of a lot. This technology is fat, easy and computer generated with a full scale report with an exact calculated margin of error.

Photogrammetric Triangulation

Our sophisticated drones are able to fly over and take several hundreds of images of the home or property. We can then use this data and the art of photogrammetric triangulation and recreate a full scale model of the structure or the entire property. This is a complete money and time saving technology to determine if a chimney is leaning, if there are elevation or water concerns or just to look at a new building site.