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A home inspection is a highly recommended step during a real estate transaction. Don't fall victim to the same old trap. Let's think this through. The realtor reccomends a company, chanes are he/she has used them in the past, often many times. The home inspector develops a working relationship with the agent and of course does not want to ruin it. Thats where you get into a "soft inspection". Expecially with structural or mmoisture issues we get called in after the standard home inspection for a professional opinion. Here's an idea! Let's cut out the standard inspection and get right down the details right away! That's where we can help.

Our home inspectors are very highly experienced and educated professionals. We have over 300 hours of continuing education and have industry certifications in the following areas:

  • Moisture Intrusion

  • Plumbing/ Septic Systems

  • Exterior building elements

  • Interior Building elements

  • Heating & Air

  • Roofing

  • Decking

  • Electrical

Our company has preformed over 1,700 home inspections and hundreds of millions of dollars worth of real-estate. Our constant 5 star rating on Google and Facebook tell most of the story but feel free to check out our videos on Youtube, if your still not sure.

What does our process look like?

We are internationally certified home inspectors and members of some of the most respected associations in the world. We are partnered with InterNACHI for continued training and certifications. With the continuing education requirements that our Certified Master Inspectors must adhere to you can trust that your new home will be looked at through the eyes of a true industry professional. Further, we offer several different types of reports including the highlight report, detailed report and typical engineering style letter. By offering these types of reports we can suit your needs for a price that makes sense. No reason to be overcharged for the computer generated home inspection report.

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