Lifting & Leveling

Foundation Lifting & Leveling

As you may know cracking in the concrete, sheetrock, or other building materials may be indications of major foundation movement. We recommend that you also look at the Water Management page fur information about how water can cause and contribute to foundation concerns. Now, how do we fix it? Below are several typical ways that foundation and slab defects are repaired but what one is right for you? That's where we come in!


Helical or Push piers are long steel poles that are driven into the ground with heavy force. We will drive these piers as far as we can until we meet load bearing soil or strata (usually around 1500 PSI). Once we hit the specified resistance we can then cut the pier off and bolt it to the foundation footing. Depending on the house we may be able to lift the foundation every so slightly to regain a more level structure. In many cases it will also start to close cracks.

Internal Piers

Piers can be installed either inside the home or on the exterior, depending on the application. Often times slabs are poured with no reinforcements and are subject to movement from the soil underneath. Although poly jacking may be an option in some cases, its not the best approach for wide spread cracking and what we call "The Ice Berg Effect". This is when the slab has cracked in many different directions and essentially ends up in larger sections of broken concrete. This is most common in basements, driveways and garage floors. The piers are installed with little to no visibility afterwards and all cracks are then sealed.

Lift & Level

Older homes are the most common to see sagging floors however we see it in brand new homes too. We are able to properly measure, size and install beams to supplement your homes structure from the crawlspace or the basement. Be wary of the companies that install random pieces of lumber. There are specific lumber sizing charts and requirements for the live and dead load weight capacities of the home. With us, rest easy knowing that we have done the math and what is installed will truly work!

Poly Jacking

We are able to lift slabs, driveways, sidewalks, basement floors, garage floors and concrete patios right back into place with polyurethane foam. Sounds cool doesn't it? This particular process allow us to drill smaller holes in the slab and inject an expanding foam that will fill the voids in the soil underneath. Once the voids are filled it will them start to lift the concrete right back into place. The foam that we use is capable of support 10,000lbs per sqft. The strength is truly amazing!

Custom Solutions

Every once in a while we need to think outside the box, WAY outside the box. We are fortunate to be able to engage our engineers and formulate solutions that many companies would simply walk away from. That's what makes us different. No matter how big, bad, or ugly the job is we can always find a repair.

Tree Removal & Stabilize

In many cases trees can grow into the foundation wall, LITERALLY! While you may need to call three separate companies to remove the trees we handle the project for you. The tree is removed, the soil is regraded and the effected portions of the structure are then stabilized and retained.