Wall Stabilization

Bowing/ Leaning Wall Repair

We offer several permanent solutions to deformed or leaking walls. Some of these approaches include steel vertical supports, carbon fiber straps, or tie back anchors. All of our systems are designed for each custom application.

Vertical Steel Supports

Steel supports are sized specifically for each project. They are attached and bolted directly into the wood framing above and anchored to the slab below. This will stop the walls movement in its tracks.

Carbon Fiber Straps

We offer high strength carbon fiber straps that are capable of holding over compressive values of 200,000 psi. This is often a slightly easier alternative to vertical steel supports, with a cleaner look and flush alternative.

Tie Back Anchors

These anchors are drilled through the wall and a threaded rod with a retaining plate and lock nut is installed to retain the wall into the soil. This solution is often used in combination with steel supports or traps but can be installed independently.

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