Water Management

Erosion, Number One Cause Of Foundation Issues

Did you know that water movement, erosion and soil conditions are top three reasons for major foundation failures. We see these each and everyday and most home owners don't realize the impact that nature can have on a structure. Take a second and watch the video to your left. This explains in detail how erosion and foundation failures go hand in hand.

Our Approach

North Georgia Engineering takes a very detailed but yet simplistic approach to solving these concerns before your home is impacted even more. We have a very proven process to battle mother nature, builders defects and to keep your home from any further movement. This process may include grading, drainage, natural swales, water proofing or a combination of all three. This process is outlined below:

Step 1: Analyze the home for evidence of movement. This includes the analysis of cracking in the walls, slabs, door frames, jammed windows, etc.

Step 2: Based on what is found in Step 1 we are now able to isolate areas of impact to the homes foundation or property

Step 3: Once these areas are isolated we can begin to further inspect soil conditions, geologic factors, and any other variables leading to erosion, water movement or foundation issues.

Step 4: We take all of the data from Steps 1-4 and begin to formulate a plan to effectively counter mother nature.

Step 5: We start work with three simple ideas in mind; keep water away from the home, control its flow and its location and to resist any possibilities of further erosion.

Lot Grading Plan

A Lot Grading Plan (LGP) is a process in which we take several variables from around the property and formulate the best plan for drainage. Our engineers are engaged to ensure that we are effectively removing as many options for water entry into the home as possible while keeping the land as flat as possible and achieving proper compaction of at least 2000-2500 PSI. See Figure 2 below for a colored example.